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Mariemont Recreational Basketball FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Tell me about recreational basketball!

The goal of recreational basketball in Mariemont is to provide an opportunity for all boys and girls to enjoy the game of basketball, to meet and make new friends, and to give them opportunities to enhance their skills. The association offers two programs – one for children in elementary school grades 2-6 and the second for grades 7-12. We are a non-profit association and are part of the Mariemont Recreation Association.  Jeff Finke is the commissioner and you can reach him at

Which league does the teams play in?

We are associated with the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League . This league is made up of teams from all over the eastern side of Cincinnati and offers both recreational and athletic play for children in grades 2-12.

How often do teams practice and play games?

Elementary school teams in grades 2 and 3 will practice once or twice each week, during the week, and play one game each weekend. Teams in grades 4-6 will typically practice twice each week, during the week, and play one game each weekend. Teams in grades 7-12 typically practice once per week, at all different times, and also play one game each weekend. Practice begins the first week of November for grades 2-6.

How many games will we play?

Each team will play a 10 game regular season schedule. Games typically begin the first week in December and continue through the end of February. There are no games scheduled for the Christmas holiday. Normally there are 5 home games and 5 away games. For grades 4-12, there is a post season tournament run by CPYBL and that typically runs into the first 2 weeks of March.

Where do we practice and play games?

Practices will take place at Mariemont Elementary School and the Mariemont Jr. High School gyms. The home gym for all regular season games is the Mariemont Elementary School gymnasium.

How and when do I register?

Registration begins in early September and ends on September 30 for grades 1-6. Grades 7-12 begin at the same time but end concluding the first week of school team selections at the Jr high and High School level, typically by the middle of the second week of November.

What if I missed Registration but still want to play?

The cutoff for registration is September 30th. However, depending upon numbers on a particular grade level/team, we may be able to add someone past this date, but note there is no guarantee. You will also be assessed a $25.00 late registration fee after September 30th.  After October 15th no more online registrations will be accepted.  If you missed the October 15th deadline, depending on grade level and team makeup you may be able to register, but will need to email Mariemont Basketball to inquire.

How are teams selected?

Elementary school children are evenly divided after registration by the coaches with the intent to have equal teams. Junior and High School teams are asked to form a team with their friends and submit their team as one upon registration. If a Jr/Sr High student does not have a team assembled we will do everything we can to place them on a team.

Can I start a “select” team?

The Mariemont Recreational Basketball program is considering an athletic division in addition to the regular recreational divisions and schedule.  More details are to follow.

What about tournaments?

Each recreational team will play in an end of the season tournament hosted by CPYBL. Teams are placed in brackets depending upon their regular season record to allow them to play teams of the same skill level.

Mariemont will host a preseason tournament in mid November.  This tournament is for recreational teams only.  Each team is automatically entered into this tournament for grades 4-6. There are typically 4 teams in each bracket with separate brackets for boys and girls by grade level. Registration details will be announced on the events link on our Mariemont Rec Basketball page.

Recreational teams are welcome to play in other tournaments throughout the season. Please notify the coordinator of any tournaments entered and we will reimburse you for your entry fees. Some other tournaments are:

Kings Pre-season Tournament
St. Cecilia Pre-season Tournament
Deer Park Pre-season Tournament

Are the coaches knowledgeable?

Most coaches all have a working knowledge of the game but most importantly they are committed adults who are willing to volunteer their time for the kids to learn a great team sport and to be able to compete. We do offer a coaching clinics hosted by the Mariemont Varsity Coaches. This clinic is to help with the basics of basketball coaching and to be sure the teams and rec coaches understand how what they do and learn in the Rec program can have a very positive impact on the high school programs. Additional mentoring and training will be available to all rec coaches, and this will be discussed at the Coaches Clinic in October. Check out the events link on the Mariemont Basketball homepage for the latest on the Coaches Clinic.

If you would like to be a coach please contact the coordinators to receive additional information: Dan Tully at   Parents interested in Coaching should also note this when they register their son or daughter.

How can I help/volunteer?

There are lots of ways to help out. Each parent will be needed as a volunteer for a couple of hours during the Holiday Classic Tournament. We also need help at the admissions and concessions stand for days when we host games at the Mariemont Elementary during the regular season. We are always looking for people to help coach, be the administrator for the league, update the web site, referee, recruit referees, recruit for the Holiday Classic Tournament, manage the uniforms, keep the books, manage gym schedules, and be the assistant coordinator. If you have any interest in volunteering, please contact the Rec Commissioner, Dan Tully at

Do we get uniforms, can I pick my number?

Each recreational team receives enough uniforms for the kids on their roster. All grades receive a jersey, and in some cases, they will get jersey and shorts. Specific numbers need to be worked out with your coach and may not be available. All grades are required to return their uniforms each year.

When will the schedules be posted?

The schedules are posted towards the end of the month of November and can be found by looking under the CAYBL web site, schedule section, then by the coach’s team name (Mariemont-Frye) at the web site

What are the rules for different age groups?

For the most part we play using Ohio High School rules. Grade 2 and 3 teams play with an 8 foot rim and have a smaller lane; grade 4 teams play with 10 foot rims, have no backcourt press rule and no double team outside of the paint rule; grades 5-6 all games have a backcourt press rule when up by a certain number of points, normally 10. Check out the complete set of rules at

What are the fees – are scholarships available?

The Mariemont Recreation Association charges $65. Scholarships are available. Contact the Commissioner to inquire Dan Tully at

How can I help my kids get better - which drills can help them?

A couple of terrific web sites are listed below providing coaching content and basketball training aids: and

Additionally, local basketball training sessions will be offered and led by coach Jeremy Walker. These sessions are available to all boys and girls in the Mariemont School District who are in Grades 4-12. Registration and details are available on our Events link on the Mariemont Rec Basketball home page.

Are there year-round basketball opportunities for the kids?

Yes, and some are sponsored by the Mariemont Recreation Commission. As mentioned above, basketball training with Coach Jeremy Walker is available and details can be found on the Events link of the Mariemont Rec basketball home page. There are others not sponsored by Mariemont Rec. You can visit the following sites for additional information. 

For girls For girls and boys as well