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Program Purpose:  To motivate girls and boys that are part of Mariemont Basketball to 1.)  Practice basketball on their own without trainers or coaches.  2.) Become more accurate and consistent shooters.  3.) To increase the enjoyment of the game while also providing more skilled basketball players for Mariemont High School
Philosophy:  Most of the shots, especially at the younger grades, take pace within 5 ft of the basket.  We want to develop proper shooting habits as early as possible and players should be able to make a high percentage of 3-5' shots before moving farther away from the basket. 
Creators:  Mariemont Rec Basketball, John Weilbacher, Mariemont Head Girls Basketball Coach, Jim Leon, Mariemont Head Varsity Boys Coach
Time Frame:  June 5th through Sept 4th (13 Weeks)
Achievement Award:  Players completing the challenge will receive a "I completed the "Warrior Basketball Challenge" T-shirt and will be announced during a Varsity basketball game in 2016.
Warrior Basketball Challenge Guidelines:      
  The table below outlines the number of made shots, by grade, required to complete the "Warrior Basketball Challenge".  Note: grade is based on the  upcoming school year for the fall of 2016).  There are different shooting workouts based on the grade of the player.  The workouts give players a plan that they can follow by requiring a certain number of makes at various spots on the court.  Each workout or session must be fully completed in order for the makes from that session to qualify.  You may adjust the workout plan to work on specific areas but the goal should be MADE shots.
  Players can track their progress using the table found on each workout sheet (the sheets can also be printed for the players to take with them when they go to shoot.)  Players may complete as many sessions per day or week as they would like.  We encourage the players to surpass the number of made shots required for their grade.  They may also choose a workout from a higher grade level depending on their skill level.  However, the total makes needed for membership is still based on their grade level.
  Players are asked to register on Mariemont Rec Basketball register by emailing their name and grade to   There is no charge to register.  We also ask that they submit their number of made shots on a monthly basis as prizes will be given each month to our top shooters.
Grade Total Made Shots Per Session Recommended Sessions Per Week  Sessions Needed  to Reach the Goal Total Makes Needed to Achieve Eagle Eye Shooting Club Membership  
2nd - 3rd 70 2 26 1820  
4th 100 2 26 2600  
5th 140 2 26 3640  
6th 180 2 26 4680  
7th 200 2 26 5200  
8th & Up 220 2 26 5720