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Form Shooting Drill
Drill Purpose (All Ages)
This drill will improve shooting form and develop good shooting habits so once players get in a game, they will consistently use proper form without thinking about it. This simple drill is critical for youth player and can greatly improve shooting percentages for all types of players. All youth coaches should run this drill almost daily.
First of all, it's important to understand that this is drill requires you and all your players to pay very close attention to the details. It also requires a lot of repetitions. This is all about developing perfect shooting form, so once you get in a game you use the proper form without even thinking about it.
Note: For the first time around, you'll need to demonstrate proper technique to all your players.
1. Each player needs to grab a basketball and find a basket. It works best to have three players (or less) at each basket. Two players on each side of the basket and one in front.
2. Each player should stand about 2 feet from the basket. (Yes, it's only two feet. Do not stand farther back!)
3. For right handed shooters, your right foot should be centered with the basket and pointing directly towards the middle of the basket.
4. Your left foot should be positioned shoulder width apart in a comfortable position. Most players leave their left foot slightly behind the other foot. The left foot should be pointing in the relative area of the basket but probably should not be pointing directly at it. Most players feel the most comfortable with their left foot pointing just to the left of the basket.
5. Bend your knees, at a comfortable angle somewhere around 45 degrees.
6. Now if you're feet are aligned properly, the rest of your body should follow suit.
7. Hold the ball in your hand, palm facing up. Your non-shooting hand can dangle to the side.
8. Slowly bring the ball in and hold is as if you were shooting with one hand.
9. Your arm should form a 90 degree angle.
10. Your tricep should be parallel with the floor and directly above your right leg.
11. Your wrist should be bent with fingers spread out. The ball should be sitting on your finger pads, NOT your finger tips.
12. Your index finger should be in the center of the ball.
13. Pause. This is when you make sure your arm, feet, and everything is in the correct form.
14. Look at the front of the rim.
15. Proceed to shoot with one hand, leaving your off hand to the side. The player should use his legs on every shot. At the end of the shot, the player should be up on his toes. This is very important, because players generate most of their strength from their legs to shoot the ball to the basket.
16. Hold your follow through. Tell your players, "It's like reaching into a cookie jar."
17. Grab the ball and repeat the process.

18. Get the ball quickly but don't hurry your shot! Take your time.


X-Out Drill:
This is a  lay-up drill designed to improve your timing, eye-hand coordination, balance, and quickness.  Begin with the ball in your right hand on the right elbow.  Use one dribble to go to the basket and shoot a lay-up, grab the rebound out of the net and take 2 dribbles to the opposite elbow with your outside (right) hand.  Plant your left foot on the elbow, pivot toward the sideline, switch the ball into your left hand and go hard to the basket for a left handed lay-up. Continue to do this for 30 seconds. The goal is to make 6 lay-ups in 30 seconds.
Mikan Drill
Drill Purpose:
This is a great drill to work on shooting close to the basket. It's a great warm up drill to start every shooting workout with. Rebounding and quick feet also play a role in this drill.
1. Stand to one side of the basket slightly inside of the block facing the baseline. Jump and power the ball up for a lay up. Make sure to use the backboard. 
2. Soon as you land, jump back up and rebound the ball out of the net. Try to rebound the ball as high as possible. When you grab the ball, keep it above your head. 
Your jump should transition you to the other side of the hoop. If you shoot on the right side, your jump should take you to the left side. 
3. Continue the process side to side working on your left and right hands.
4. Continue this pattern back and forth for a set number of repetitions.
Points of Emphasis
Explode towards the basket on every jump.
Get the ball up and off the glass. Aim for the top corner of the square. 
Reverse Mikan - Mikan back and forth with your back to the baseline instead of facing the baseline.
One Leg - Jump off one leg back and forth. You can do this with Mikan and Reverse Mikan.,